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Wednesday,  8th April, 2020

440  Photos online.  148  Cruise Ships.  53  Ferries.    

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We use our own and third party "cookies" to prepare statistical information and show you personalized advertising, content and services through the analysis of your browsing. If you continue browsing, you accept its use.

To upload photos, first you have to login:

All the uploaded images will be cropped for display to 1600 x 900 pixels.

   Therefore, they must have:

    - minimum 1600px wide.
     - maximum size 5Mb.
     - only jpg format.


   -photos must be of passengers ships of regular lines(ferries) or tourism cruise ships.
   -no pictures of small boats and fast-ferries were accepted.

Otherwise, it looks just enough sharpness and clarity.

Only if your photo is elected to be part of this database, you will receive an e-mail thanking your collaboration and next up telling publication.

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