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Wednesday,  8th April, 2020

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Términos y condiciones.     MARINE. is an online database with images of ships passenger ferries and cruise tourism, in order to provide a detailed overview of the types of boats. Visitors can find information and photos of ships. After accepting the terms and conditions , users can upload and share your own photos of boats on the website.

1. Create an account

Users can register for a free member account . The registration form allows you to choose a user name , author name and password for your membership and must be completed truthfully and accurately . Names are forbidden to violate third party rights, in particular trademarks or naming rights , and illegal or immoral names.

By submitting the registration form , the user agrees to the Terms of Use and acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms of Use . If accepts the offer, the member will receive an email confirmation . reserves the right to reject submissions for membership without notice.

The member is responsible for their data and membership is required to keep all data up to date.

The logon data - especially including the password - should not be disclosed to third parties
.Member is responsible for the use and / or any activity undertaken with your account or data / membership in accordance with the law. not responsible for damages caused by a violation of security or unauthorized use .

It is forbidden to create multiple accounts membership .

2 . Uploads

Only registered users can upload photos of ships .

3 . Attribution Author

The author's name is displayed in each photo uploaded in the following format: . " © name "

4 . Prohibited Use

Use is expressly prohibited " s thumbnails on other websites without providing sufficient attribution to the author ( in the format: " Copyright © Display name / author name s "or" © name display name / author ' s " ) is strictly prohibited. Besides , you can not copy, multiply or publish photos ship without prior permission of the author.

Members are responsible for ensuring photos and other content uploaded by them are free of viruses, worms , Trojan horses or other malicious software that may jeopardize or impair the content or functionality .

5 . Warranty and liability Author

By uploading boats, the member claims to be the sole owner (author) and holder of the copyright of these pictures . The member also ensures that he / she has the right to grant all rights required by this license agreement and that no right or license to contradict this agreement have already been granted to third parties.
< Br / >The member (author) , climbing ship photos through your account , indemnifies of any third party claim arising from the culpable violation of these terms and the rights recognized herein .

If a third party sues due to a negligent violation of obligations by the author , especially in relation to violations of copyright, personal rights , property rights or intellectual property rights , the author shall indemnify any liability and costs.

This also applies if a member or guest is attributable to a third party for breach of his / her obligations to an author in relation to the transfer of rights of use .

6. Grant of Rights Licensing Author for .

The member who upload photos of planes granted a free limited license , revocable , non-exclusive , worldwide, to use Boat Stock Photos . The author expressly grants the right to :

Copy and post pictures of ships and additional content .
stored in the / servers database .
edit - if required - . publication for purposes of

Members / Authors are not entitled to any compensation for the rights granted .
All other rights to the images of ships, including copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the author. grants no rights or licenses in excess of those specified in the conditions of use to others .

7. Responsibility

Although it reserves the right to review the photos of boats for copyright violations , is not obliged to do so. says it is not possible technically or manually check all photos shiploads and additional content for copyright violations .

The responsibility for ensuring the legality and legitimacy of the grant of rights to use the photos shiploads and additional content lies solely with the author . no responsibility in this regard.

8. Publication photo reserves the right to refuse publication of photos of ships and / or remove posted without notice , especially if there is evidence of a violation of these Terms of Use .

The author has no legal right to have his / her photos of ships and additional content posted on

9. Termination of Membership

The membership may be terminated by the member or at any time for any reason. The notice of termination of the member must be sent by the contact form on the web .

10. Privacy Policy takes your privacy very seriously and adheres strictly to the rules of the applicable privacy laws . Personal information is only collected if technically necessary . Personal information will not be sold or provided to third parties under any circumstances.

11 . Cookies Policy

Click here to see our Cookies Policy.

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